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Joyful Mind

Do you want to improve your Self Confidence and Self Esteem?

How can Hypnotherapy, EFT or Energy Healing help?

Different people prefer different solutions - Hypnotherapy, EFT and Energy Healing are all effective treatments. For self confidence issues about specific things or events I would probably recommend Hypnotherapy or EFT. For Self Esteem I would recommend Energy Healing, EFT or Hypnotherapy.

With Energy Healing we clear the energy blockages in your system which can cause or be caused by negative thoughts. These form the beliefs and images you may currently be unconsciously holding on to.

With Hypnotherapy we focus on deep relaxation first and then communication with your unconscious/subconscious mind . Here we work with any negative core beliefs that you may have about yourself and replace them with healthier, positive thoughts and more supportive beliefs.

With EFT we start with your conscious thoughts and beliefs and as we tap on the EFT points, as they are all held in your energy system, your unconscious thoughts and beliefs come to the surface. We then continue to tap until they are cleared through your system.

What’s the difference between self confidence and self esteem?

Self confidence can be how we feel about our personal achievements, skills & talents or simply the things that we’re ‘good at’. Self esteem is a little deeper, how we feel about ourselves as people. This is why some people can be good at something but still not feel good about themselves; even when they achieve something positive, they say that they feel ‘unworthy’ of the success that they’ve achieved. This is why some people don’t seem to be able to take a complement, it’s not that they don’t want to, they simply can’t believe it!

Unfortunately if self esteem is low, we may unconsciously attract people or events in our lives that reinforce our view, or at least make it more difficult for ourselves to remain confident in certain areas. Also because it’s what the mind believes, it’s possible to notice and pick up on negative reinforcements but miss or disregard the positive ones.