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Transform your life with Brennan Healing Science!

Brennan Healing Science

Brennan Healing Science is an advanced system of Energy Healing that combines hands on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes. This transformational method of energy healing was developed by former NASA physicist Dr. Barbara Brennan and is often referred to as Hands of Light Healing, after her first book ‘Hands of Light’.

A healing session with a Brennan Healing practitioner  is uniquely based on your personal energy system and how it flows in relationship to your life and the world around you. More and more scientific evidence suggests that an imbalance in one area of life, whether that’s mental, physical or emotional can have a detrimental effect on other areas, even showing now that our emotions effect our DNA. By working to clear imbalances, Brennan Healing Science seeks to restore and maintain optimum health and well-being.

As it is registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, many people choose Brennan Healing Science Practitioners to work as members of a healing team to facilitate the physical healing of specific disease conditions, reduce pain or assist recovery from surgery or trauma. Others choose this form of Energy Healing for Emotional or Spiritual healing. For many people it can be as simple as restoring or maintaining their sense of equilibrium or zest for life.

My philosophy is: why stop at restoring and maintaining? I want my cells singing and dancing too! When you have your full complement of internal energy resources this can be life changing, so it’s for you to decide how far you want to take your healing journey...

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Healing energy from hands of light

Barbara Brennan

Barbara Brennan is a former NASA physicist who has been researching and exploring the Human Energy Field and realms of human consciousness for more than 30 years. She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy, a Doctorate of Theology, a Master's Degree in Atmospheric Physics, B.Sc. in Physics, and worked as a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Barbara is the best selling author of 'Hands of Light' and 'Light Emerging' and her third book 'Core Light Healing' will be released July 2017. Combining the sciences of quantum physics and psychology, and the understanding of interpersonal relationships with specific healing techniques, intuition and spiritual connection, Barbara's work has resulted in the development of Brennan Healing Science, a powerful holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to optimum health. I studied with Barbara at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Europe (BBSHE) which has now closed. Sadly Barbara is no longer teaching, however there is still a BBSH in the USA  and a new Barbara Brennan Institute is  planned for the UK later in 2017.

Is Brennan Healing like Reiki Healing?

As I am a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner people often ask me about the difference between Brennan Healing and Reiki. While it’s not really easy to compare, I am also a Reiki Master, so I can say that in some ways these modalities are similar – they are both forms of energy work - but in many ways they are different:

  • Both Brennan Healing Science and Reiki work with universal energy, also referred as Chi, Ki or Prana.
  • Both modalities are hands-on healing techniques used to transmit universal energy. The hand placements and sequence are different, but both use the major joints and chakras (energy centers of the human body) as positions to place the hands (although these aren't the only hand positions).
  • Both techniques encourage a profound state of relaxation, sometimes a meditative state and sometimes encouraging a more cathartic release.
  • It could be said that Brennan Healing Science will usually result in deeper work than Reiki, with more emphasis on transformative results for the person. However this is also driven by the person’s wishes for well being and healing. Generally I find that on some level people are drawn to what ever is right for them at the time.
  • The training is very different, Brennan Healing Science is a 4 year course. In America it is the only school of healing where a BSc. (Bachelor of Science) degree in healing can be awarded. The study integrates hands-on healing techniques with psychotherapeutic methods, academic and clinical training, personal development and the study of anatomy and physiology. Reiki is an effective form of healing however it is often taught over a couple of weekends, without the same requirement for study and practical and ethical experience.