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Joyful Mind

A Warm Welcome to Joyful Mind Complementary Therapy

At Joyful Mind Complementary Therapy Oxfordshire, it is my absolute pleasure to help people achieve their true potential, create balance, and facilitate well-being using  Hypnotherapy, EFT and energy healing.

Are you feeling stressed? tired? unwell? Do you need help living your life free from blockages to health, vitality and joy? Does your body hold stress, tension or pain? Maybe your enthusiasm has faded or your get up and go just seems to have got up and gone!

My name is Catherine and I have over 12 years experience as a therapist and personal coach. I help people overcome obstacles like unwanted feelings, break negative habits, achieve pain relief and reconnect to joy, vitality and purpose- opening up a healing range of new possibilities to support growth & renewal.

chakra healing person


Brennan Energy Healing is a profound healing system that works with the physical, energetic, psychological & spiritual principles of healing. It brings your system back into alignment in the most gentle, yet effective way.

Hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire with an Experienced Hypnotherapist


Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic form of hypnosis, it uses the power of your subconscious mind to bring health, well- being and success to all aspects of your life. Hypnotherapy is also great for personal development and life goals.

EFT Tapping points


EFT tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique is an elegantly simple, groundbreaking treatment from the field of Energy Psychology. EFT uses energy meridian points to help you overcome physical or emotional issues.

If you're looking for Complementary Therapy or personal coaching in Oxfordshire because you want to move beyond a problem, whether it's physical, psychological or emotional, working with an experienced therapist and coach could bring the positive changes and rewards you’re searching for. As I believe the therapy should fit the person rather than the other way around, I am happy to offer sessions of Hypnotherapy, Brennan Healing or EFT individually or in combination to best help you achieve your own personal Joy.