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Energy Healing FAQ


Why do people come for healing?

People come for a variety of reasons, broadly speaking there are 3 main areas; health, personal growth or relaxation. Specifically, some of my clients came to me because they wanted help in the following areas:

  • A 'stuck', feeling 'there has to be more to life!' and wanted help clarify life purpose
  • A desire to go deeper than the limits of traditional psychological therapy, feeling that 'talking about my issue isn't
    getting me anywhere.'
  • They had reached a time of significant challenge in their lives, such as divorce or redundancy and wanted support
  • They had a deep longing to heal from trauma, abuse or a period of prolonged stress
  • A hunger for a broader spiritual context for making sense of life or spiritual growth
  • They feel that their physical symptoms such as cancer, thyroid problems, or surgical wounds would benefit from a
    complementary or holistic approach
  • A strong desire to un-block creativity and transform their lives
  • Hormonal and infertility issues


Would you diagnose for me so that I don’t have to go to the doctor?

No, I am not a medical doctor and therefore do not diagnose, prescribe medicine or advise you to alter or discontinue any medication you may be taking currently. However, as Energy Healing can be combined with traditional medicine as well as other complementary healing modalities, I am happy to liaise with other health care professionals as required.


Will I have to take any clothes off?

Other than your shoes & possibly your belt or tie if you’re wearing one, no.


What do I need to do after a healing session?

It is important to drink plenty of water the day of the healing and the following day. This will help flush out any toxins released by the healing from your system. Having a bath with bath/epsom salts or shower before going to bed on the day of your healing can also be beneficial. It is also better for you if you are able to give yourself a bit of time to relax after the healing and avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours. Following your healing there may also be other recommendations specific to you.


What happens if I have a healing crisis?

At times some people experience a "Healing Crisis" whereby the body reacts to shifts in energy, these can range from headaches, tiredness, flu like symptoms, increase pain in areas being treated or feeling overly emotional. These are all very natural reactions and it is a good sign that things are moving, it's important to listen to your body and take it easy if this happens, it's good to get fresh air, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest and nurture yourself. Although it may not feel great exactly, it can be a sign that some deep blocks are shifting.


Do you give distant / distance healings?

Yes, it’s not always possible for people to make the journey to have in person healings, for example: people with chronic disease requiring frequent treatments but cannot get to the practice, or people who live very far away. Some people just prefer distance healings as they can lie in their own bed and rest straight after.


What Happens during a distant/ distance healing?

A distance healing appointment is the same as an in person appointment, the only difference being you contact me via phone or skype, we have a discussion about how you are and your intention for the healing, just as we would for an in person healing appointment and then you lie down and relax while I do the healing. If you are on skype, we can keep the line open throughout the call, though many people prefer to go up to bed, then sleep straight after. We work out which works best for you.

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