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Public Speaking & Presentation Nerves

Do you feel nervous, embarrassed or start to panic when the spotlightlight is on you?

Do you feel intimidated when you notice people are looking at you and you have to speak or perform in some way?

Do you feel stuck for words, unable to think clearly and frustrated or angry at yourself afterwards?

Fear of public speaking or performance anxiety is more common than you might think. Even when you know your subject really well, it can leave you tounge tied and unable to speak & which obviously can be very stressful if you have to present or do talks as part of your work.

How can Hypnotherapy EFT & Energy Healing help?

Hypnotherapy, EFT and Energy healing can increase your confidence,
reduce anxiety and help you feel more relaxed when it comes to speaking in public.

Many people associate nervousness and fear with public speaking, whether it’s to a large audience or small, work presentation or wedding speech, however others say they get a ‘buzz’ from it and really enjoy it.

So why do people feel so differently? Often a particular incident may have triggered the fear association off, this may occur as an adult or it may be related to a long forgotten incident – mispronouncing a word in class and being laughed at for example. At the time this may have been excruciatingly embarrassing. Although you may have moved on from this, your system hasn’t!

We are very efficient, what happens is when you’re faced with something that your unconscious deems as potentially ‘dangerous’ (i.e. the same thing may happen again) it sends out the fear signals, making it very difficult for you to feel comfortable about speaking out loud in public.

Hypnotherapy, EFT and Energy Healing , can help you to feel more positive and relaxed, so rather than remembering how uncomfortable you felt in the past you can start building your self assurance now ... imagine how much more dynamic and confident a public speaker you can be in the future!

If fear of public speaking or presentation nerves have been holding you back in your career or life in general, it’s time to develop a natural sense of calm confidence and self-assurance and notice the positive effect this can have on your life.