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Joyful Mind

How do you feel about your weight loss or weight control?

Do you find yourself constantly struggling with weight loss or worrying about your weight?

Have you tried every diet going but just ended up back where you started?

Do you ever wonder why will-power alone never seems to be enough for successful weight loss?

Hypnotherapy, EFT and Energy healing can safely and effectively support you in replacing undesirable habits, thoughts and beliefs which often lead to overeating, helping you to gain the healthy body and lifestyle you desire.

The problem with weight loss...

Deep down we all know that whatever you call it : weight loss, weight reduction or weight control, it basically involves maintaining the right balance of activity and calorie intake. But for many, it’s not that simple. Overeating differs from other habits because we all actually have to eat to live. In addition food is involved in many social occasions, which we wouldn’t want to exclude ourselves from. There are many reasons why we eat and often it’s not actually through hunger or physical need.

We may eat when stressed or low, or to manage uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes we may eat to reward ourselves, to be polite or just to socialise.

However committed you are to changing your eating habits and adopting a new healthy lifestyle, unless you address the underlying reasons for your weight loss issues and the patterns of eating, it is highly likely that you will slip back to old habits when you finish the diet or life becomes challenging again. This is why dieting often results in short term weight loss followed by added frustration when the weight goes back on.

You want to feel great about yourself and lose weight for good?

The Joyful Mind method uses holistic therapies such as Hypnotherapy, EFT and Energy Healing tailored to you, to give you back control and break this cycle by addressing the underlying reasons for your weight loss/ weight gain and reduce cravings for certain foods. We’ll work together to identify realistic goals for weight reduction, look at your current eating and exercise patterns and plan how you can make beneficial changes to help you lose weight and then maintain that healthy weight by giving you some alternative coping strategies, a positive body image and more self confidence too!

For people with a high BMI I offer the very popular Hypno-Band Weight Loss System. This is a program specifically designed to deal with long term overweight issues. The Hypno-Band weight loss system is a hypnotherapy technique that uses the power of your mind to fit a "virtual gastric band" to your stomach, reducing the frequency and amount you eat.