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Joyful Mind

Energy Healing

Whether you’re suffering from a physical condition, emotional distress, feeling stuck, or just want to feel uplifted and more positive, energy healing could provide the key.

This non-invasive therapy can benefit you enormously by helping your body’s innate healing process to take place. The practical benefits of energy healing are achieved by restoring the natural energy balance & removing underlying conflicts that cause unwanted symptoms and problems in our lives.
Restoring your natural balance can help you:

  • Release stress & long term tension
  • Rejuvenate mind, body & spirit
  • Build energy & resilience
  • Awaken spiritual connections
  • Develop creativity, meaning & purpose
  • Accelerate recovery from surgery, trauma and illness
  • Reconnect to your own personal joy, love, abundance and sense of peace

Energy healing aura field

Energy Healing chakras

The Human Energy Field / Aura

Everybody has a Human Energy Field or Aura. This is made up of different layers or levels, all of which vibrate at a different rate and have different functions. It also contains energy centres or chakras which are associated with each level. Any issue arising on any one of these levels or within the chakras, manifests as distortions or energetic blocks. As all levels are interconnected, an issue on any one of these levels manifests sooner or later on the other ones as well. These imbalances are then reflected in certain aspects of your life e.g. fears, negative patterns, unwanted behaviours, physical issues or psychological pain.

No matter how devoted you are to a healthy diet and lifestyle, if you want to achieve your optimum wellbeing, this energy imbalance needs to be addressed. Your body's own natural healing abilities can then really begin to flourish.

The insight that the human body is composed of layers of energy is not new. Many healing methods and traditions including Chinese medicine (acupuncture) and Ayurvedic medicine, work on the premise that the human body is first comprised of energy. This energy is often called Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana, Life Force, etc. These methods of working with energy have been practiced for thousand of years throughout the world.

With Einstein and the discoveries of quantum physics the scientific world began to investigate the existence of energy fields. Modern technology has developed equipment and techniques to measure the electromagnetic field emanating from the physical body. Equipment like MRI and fMRI scanners show how much our thoughts cause structural changes in our brain. As we progress, people are beginning to understand the link between thoughts, emotions and physical pain or disease. Consequently more and more people are choosing energy healing to support them in changing the stress patterns within their mind/body systems.

Increasingly, contemporary science is studying and proving the validity of energy healing. Happily, although there is still more work to do, this understanding has led to a much more collaborative approach between conventional and complementary medicine, and to heath and wellbeing generally.

Why is Energy Healing so effective?

Your body already knows how to heal, though sometimes there may be disruptions which occur and lead to a lack of health or vitality.

Energy healing works with your system to release stored energy blocks, clear your energetic pathways and restore your natural equilibrium. This has a deep impact on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, allowing your body to relax and vibrate at a higher rate of health.

The healing takes place with you relaxing, fully clothed on a healing table as I work to clear and balance your energy system. The specific techniques used differ and are tailored to your individual needs, such as chakra balancing, removal of energetic blocks, soul purpose alignment or cellular repair.

Every healing is as unique as you are, so every experience is different. Most often people report a sense of deep relaxation, inner peace, emotional balance and renewed vitality after healing treatments with me.

I also incorporate Eden Energy Medicine techniques into my treatments and am happy to teach you some easy energy balancing techniques that you can use at home to support your overall health, vitality, and healing.

For More information about Donna Eden or Eden Energy Medicine please see Donna's website